The past year has been exciting working alongside local small business owners and finding ways to help them navigate an industry that has been made more difficult by way of delivery.
Since the lockdown, caused by the  pandemic of 2020, restaurants have had the difficult task of navigating this new delivery “normal” in which they are often the recipients of 30% commission fees for delivery services. 
Some restaurants have began bailing water at any cost leaving these third party tech giant fees to be unloaded onto unsuspecting foodies. 
Enter Driver On Deck. Keeping our software costs low while finding and tracking product market fit has allowed us to be more agile in turbulent market. 

Driver On Deck is currently partnered with 5 restaurant concepts which include a late-night ghost kitchen concept and a food truck as well as a few local brick and mortar staples.
Once our driver app is complete, we have plans to onboard one restaurant every two weeks through June 2023. 
Check out www.driverondeck.com for more information.


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