Driver On Deck Weekly Update - Grab High-Paying Orders!

We hope you’ve had a fantastic week so far! Last weekend, our platform saw some great action with a total of 20 orders delivered. On Thursday, we had 9 deliveries, followed by 6 on Friday, and 5 on Saturday. We’re thrilled to see the demand rising steadily!

Here’s the exciting part – the average offer for these orders was $14, with some going as high as $35!
– $100 opportunities are up for grabs every weekend!

To make the most of these high-paying orders, be sure to log in between 12 pm and 8 pm. These hours have proven to be prime time for securing top offers. Don’t worry, we won’t bombard you with low paying offers on our platform. Stay tuned and keep your notifications on to catch these opportunities as soon as they come in.

Let’s continue delivering the best service and making our customers happy. Remember, your dedication and efficiency make all the difference. Let’s us know how we can help!

Thank you for being part of the Driver On Deck family.

Drive safe and happy earning!

The Driver On Deck Team