Thinking back to my cap and gown days at Bloomington HS North, I never would’ve imagined I would have had the opportunity now to help the community that had such a huge impact on my personal growth and development back then.
My first real experience and love of computing was on the campus of Austin Peay where my mom — professor Coffey Ph. D. — had been teaching and knew how to keep me out of trouble — by finding me a quiet corner in the computer lab for work study. She was correct, there’s not a lot of socialization in a dark basement with cinder block walls full of Desktop Pro 386s back when Yahoo was barely a whisper. 
The faint recollection of the chants  “Let’s Go Peay!” echoing in the halls of the basement, where the computer lab was housed — from the football stadium during home games — would have me feeling incarcerated and a bit homesick. 

While the campus at Autsin Peay was easily accessible (small) and the landscape was less stunning, college was a great experience and I found a hobby that I was interested in — computers. 
Fast forward half a lifetime and I still find myself interested in technology, software, and computing. 
I’m very thankful I’ve been able to find an understanding co founder like Tori and have been able to use our experiences over the years to assist our team of developers in building a food delivery service for small business owners. 
Although the recently featured article in Bloom magazine mistakenly credits “Nick” Harris for co founding DOD, I go by Nate. If I keep getting fed by all of these awesome local food staples in town, I might end up being built like ole St. Nick. 🤔 Hmmm gym partnerships?   

Thank You Bloomington,
CEO co founder
Driver On Deck

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