Eliminating the need for 3rd party delivery apps

Commission Free Deliveries

Access your own on-demand fleet at a fraction on the cost

On Budget & On Time

Connect directly to available delivery drivers in your area

Delivery Confirmation

GPS mapping and routing
with delivery confirmation

How Does It Work

No in-house drivers? No Problem! We cut out the tech giant middlemen and connect you directly with their available delivery drivers. Tap into our pool of independent drivers and enjoy commission free delivery by allowing us to fetch the orders your customers place through you.

Mobile Development

Driver On Deck also offers a mobile experience for virtual kitchens and food trucks. Need a more mobile option for securing delivery? Check out the demo below

We are Driven by Values

Local helping Local is is the cornerstone of development and success. Independently owned and operated businesses and restaurants in our neighborhoods strengthen our communities, promote cultural diversity through food, and support creativity & growth. We have vowed to aid their success through providing a transparent method of delivery that eliminates the need for third party delivery apps. Build your personal fleet with us today!

Transparent Pricing/ No Surprises

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Remember all of those times you asked Bloomington to support local businesses? This is one of the best. Easy format, unique systems and most important, personal care and service from Nate and Tori. No need to be frustrated with a help desk that cannot possibly understand your situation or language.
Instead of a flat percentage fee, you have the option to change the amount of payment for each transaction.
Yes, my store was one of the test stores and even being well into my 60's and technically challenged, this has worked for me and allowed me to extend my delivery services.
I hope you will give it a try. Heck, feel free to contact me for the basics.
Support local. We are all in this together.😀
Tom Sybert
Roly Poly Sandwiches

Let’s work together on local helping local

By creating a local ecosystem that grows the products, prepares the products, and delivers the products to the communities in which we live, we provide a healthier, more productive future, for generations to come!