Code of Conduct

Shift Auction is and will remain the industry standard for integrity and ethical business conduct.  We place value on our industry’s moral direction, client relationships, and employee sustainability.  We are here to ensure all users are responsibly adhering to the personal and professional social values our industry requires.

We expect all users to read and follow Shift Auction’s Code of Conduct.  Failure to do so may result in the user’s account being deactivated or possible banishment from the site.


  1. When a shift is accepted, the employee is required to arrive on time and be prepared to work the entire shift.
  2. Employees are always expected to display a pleasant and respectful attitude.
  3. Employees will refrain from voicing any negative reviews to other employees or customers.  If a problem arises, contact Shift Auction directly.

All Users

  1. All users are expected to refrain from posting images of nudity or pornographic material of any type on Auctions, User Profiles, Comment sections or any area of the Shift Auction site.
  2. Profanity, racism, sexism are strictly prohibited on any area of the Shift Auction site.
  3. Users seeking to recruit privately or intentionally bypass the Shift Auction system will be deactivated and/or banished from the site.
  4. Upon listing several auctions for the same event (spamming auctions), users may create a public auction group and post several auctions within that group.
  5. Users are granted one personal account and one business account.  Multiple accounts will be deleted.
  6. Rating a user negatively solely based upon a negative rating received is considered retaliation and strictly prohibited. 
  7. Using your business account to increase your personal account ratings also known as rating stacking/fixing is considered fraud and cannot be tolerated.