What is it:

Shift Auction is a service industry based “auction style” website designed to immediately fill staffing needs effectively & economically by alleviating the need of face to face interviews.

How does it work?:

Post an auction at the maximum you are willing to pay for the selected position, every service industry worker qualified for the position within radius of the shift will be instantly notified of the available position.

Once notified, the potential employees can bid the least amount they are willing to work for. A winning bidder matching the employers criteria can be chosen from the bidding list when time expires.

After a winning bidder has been chosen, the winning bid amount is put into escrow until the shift has been completed.


All auctions are Free to list. If a user would like to feature their available position, there is a $5.00 listing fee that can be paid via the users account balance. In addition, a %17 commission fee per auction is deducted from the final bid.