Exciting Times Ahead: Fall Semester Rush is Here!

As we gear up for the fall semester, we’re thrilled to see the energy and buzz building up on campus! With classes starting back on the 21st, we are expecting a significant increase in order volume. Get ready to hit the road as our platform is about to get busier and better!

As students return to campus, their cravings for delicious food from their favorite local restaurants are at an all-time high. They’ll be relying on Driver On Deck to satisfy their appetites, and that means more delivery opportunities for you!

Whether it’s a quick snack between classes or a late-night study session, you’ll be the hero delivering tasty meals to hungry students. So, be prepared to stay active and logged in during peak hours. The more available you are, the more chances you have to grab those higher-paying orders.

Let’s embrace the upcoming semester with enthusiasm and a commitment to deliver the best service possible. Together, we’ll make this fall a remarkable success!

Thank you for being an essential part of our team, and happy driving!

Best regards,

The Driver On Deck Team